Who We Are

Rural Help was founded by Kerry Howard, a skilled psychologist and trauma specialist, Kerry has lived in varying parts of Australia over the course of her life – including in rural and remote communities in New South Wales, Queensland and Victoria.

Kerry has brought together a team of psychologists and other therapists in a ‘virtual’ organisation to deliver services to people in rural and remote communities.  By embracing technology in delivering services, Rural Help can ensure services are provided, as and when they are needed.

Our therapists are skilled in working with people experiencing a wide range of emotional, personal and relationship difficulties.  We have someone in the team who will be able to assist you - help is closer than you think.

About Our Founder

Kerry Howard has experience working in both the public and private mental health sectors and received her training at the Australian National University.

A former public servant, Kerry managed many programs delivering services across Australia, including to Indigenous communities.  She brings her own unique style to providing support services and is very good at looking ‘outside the box’ when it comes to trying to find a solution to a problem that others believe can’t be fixed.

In 2017, Kerry developed software that allows therapists to deliver effective trauma treatment ‘online’.  In 2018, Kerry presented to an International Conference in France about the effectiveness of online trauma treatment, especially for working with clients that received treatment entirely online.  Her preliminary research shows that this modality appears to be just as effective and perhaps even more effective than face to face treatment, however more research is needed.

Kerry has been recognised for her commitment to improved mental health outcomes in Australia.  Kerry has been working in a range of psychological settings for the past eight years, including with headspace and as a School Psychologist.  She has extensive experience during that time working with adolescents and adults.  Kerry has an extensive background in EMDR Therapy – she is a former Director/Secretary of the Board of the EMDR Association of Australia.

Kerry’s primary modality is EMDR Therapy and has used it extensively with adolescent and adult clients who present with depression, anxiety and trauma as well as treating more complex trauma presenting as PTSD.  Kerry has experience in treating addictions and has worked extensively with frontline emergency services personnel and members of our Defence Force in treating PTSD.

In addition to her psychological work, Kerry is a best-selling author.  She has written a best-selling book and published two others, one a collaborative international best-seller.  Kerry is currently writing her fourth book ‘The Trouble With Trauma’.

Kerry was interviewed in 2015 for her insight and approach to treatment of PTSD, specifically as it relates to Defence Members, for an important Parliamentary Library Monograph on 'Changing Attitudes to Mental Illness in the Australian Defence Force: a long way to go...' written by Dr Edward Scarr.

When asked about why she started Rural Help, Kerry said

"I am very focussed on ‘helping’ people recover from the challenges we experience as human beings.  I like to ‘normalise’ life’s challenges and inspire people to make the effort required to make change and provide the services that facilitate that change."

"I just really want to ease suffering in any way that I can.  By embracing technology, I hope that we can provide more services to the people who need them.  In turn, supporting our rural communities to continue to do what they do best – feeding the nation.”