How Do I Refer My Patients to Rural Help?

Referral Information

If you are a doctor who would like to refer your patients to Rural Help’s professional services, you should initially refer your patients to our principal:

Kerry Howard - Provider No. 4676205W

Please note that this is purely an administrative referral, Kerry will not be providing services to clients.

You will need to ask your patient to send an initial enquiry through our website's New Clients page. Alternatively, they can call us on 1800 HELP 2 U (1800 4357 2 8)

Upon receipt of your patient’s referral, we will allocate them to our most appropriate psychologist, based on their needs and our therapist’s availability.

Once your patient has had their first appointment, we will provide you with a letter outlining the details of the therapist that they are seeing and the expected duration of their therapeutic process. We will then write to you again upon the patient’s completion of therapy.

Promotional Materials

In addition to the referral process, we are aware that some practices find it helpful to have access to promotional material in their surgery waiting rooms. As such, we would like to know what promotional materials you would find most helpful in your practice.

Please choose from the following:

 Business Cards
 Small fridge magnets
 Postcards
 Print as you go Flyers (A5)

Please let us know which materials you would like via email to

It is important for the environment and your patients that we don’t produce materials that are not going to be of benefit to your practice.  As standard, we have a simple A3 Poster for you to display in your waiting area, to remind your patients about this new service.  Please let us know if you haven't received one for your practice.

Training for Medical Staff

We are arranging some online training for medical staff, to provide them more information about our service. This will involve a short webinar, which will be available at various times, both within business hours and after hours.

If you would like you or any of your staff to participate in this training, please click on this button and enter the appropriate details.

Register Your Interest

Anything Else?

If there is anything else that you think would be of benefit to your practice or your patients, please don’t hesitate to contact us here.